4 Fuel Pump Symptoms

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4 Fuel Pump Symptoms
26 Dec

The fuel pump is the component of your vehicle that is responsible for taking the fuel from the gas tank to the engine. However, and despite this seems to be a simple process, the fuel pump needs to use the right pressure to meet the performance demands.

Fuel pumps vary from vehicle to vehicle. They can be electric like in most modern vehicles, inline, or mechanical.

Since the fuel pump is the one responsible for allowing your vehicle to even start (because it transports the fuel from the tank to the engine), when it has problems, you’ll likely notice them in terms of performance and drivability. Here are the most 4 fuel pump symptoms that might tell you that you have a problem with this component:

#1: Hard Starting:

Hard starting is one of the first fuel pump symptoms that you usually get. Since every time the engine is turned on or you’re using the vehicle you’re using the fuel pump, it’s easy for it to get weaken and wear out.

Despite the fuel pump may still do the job, it’s not doing it the right way. It may still be carrying the fuel from the tank to the engine but the pressure may not be the right one.

#2: Fuel Tank Noise:

When you start to hear a whining noise coming from the fuel tank, you can almost be sure that you have a fuel pump problem. This is one of the most clearer fuel pump symptoms that you’ll get.

When the fuel pump is working well, you shouldn’t hear any noise at all; it should be quiet.

#3: Misfires, And A Loss In Fuel Efficiency, Acceleration, And Power:

The various performance issues you can have like with the fuel efficiency, acceleration and power might one of fuel pump symptoms. When the fuel pump is worn out, it usually doesn’t send the fuel at the right pressure. So, the this will cause the different issues related to performance. Besides you might experience some hard start, especially during winter, as we already mentioned, you may also notice that the vehicle misfires. You can even see some loss of the fuel efficiency, as well as in acceleration and power.

#4: The Vehicle Doesn’t Start:

One of the most serious symptoms you notice that might be related to the fuel pump not being working as it should is when the vehicle doesn’t start. Since the fuel pump isn’t able to send the fuel from the tank to the engine, you won’t be able to start it.

Despite this might be related to a serious fuel pump problem, there are many other reasons that cause this same effect. So, you need to make sure that you diagnose the right problem or you might be replacing the fuel pump or any other component and this is not where the problem resides.

Despite most fuel pumps are build to last, there are times when you need to change them. So, when you notice any of the symptoms mentioned above, you need to make sure that you make a complete diagnose to the vehicle to see what’s really wrong.

One of the best ways to prevent having a fuel pump wear out without many mileage is to make sure that you have your injectors always cleaned. So, check here the best fuel injector cleaners.

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