Replacing Fuel Injectors – The Service & The Cost

Replacing Fuel Injectors – The Service & The Cost
26 Dec

If someone in the auto repair industry approached you recently and told you that you need to replace the fuel injectors, what does this mean? What is wrong with your vehicle?

Replacing fuel injectors isn’t a very common procedure despite it might be natural if you don’t do any kind of maintenance. What happens is that fuel injectors play a huge role in your fuel system. When you fill your tank with gas, the fuel needs to be transferred to the engine and this is done through the fuel injectors. They will convert the liquid gas into a spray so that it can burn easily.

Another thing that is worthwhile mentioning regarding fuel injectors is that the number depends on your engine. For example, if your engine has 4 cylinders, you have 4 fuel injectors.

When should you be replacing fuel injectors?

One of the main things most vehicle owners notice is the fact that the vehicle just doesn’t run smoothly and, in some cases, it misfire.

At this time, you should look for an auto repair shop or a mechanic or simply try to replace the fuel injector by yourself. In case you want to be the one replacing fuel injectors, here is what you need to do:

#1: Identify the injector that needs to be replaced:

Sometimes, identifying the injector that needs to be replaced is easy because it will be the one that is leaking. However, when it’s not that simple, you need to perform a fuel injector test to make sure that you’ll be replacing the right fuel injector.

#2: Removing the damaged fuel injector:

Before you remove the damaged fuel injector, you need to remove the electrical connector from it as well as the mounting bolts that are usually on the corners of the fuel rail. When you remove the bolts, you’ll just need to gently lift the fuel rail so that you can remove the fuel injector.

#3: Replacing fuel injectors:

When you remove the old injector, make sure that you also remove the O ring. When you replace the injector, you’ll also need to replace the O ring because it sometimes plugs and just stops working.

#4: Finishing the job:

Now that you already placed the new fuel injector in its place with the new O ring, you need to push down on the rail to make sure that all the fuel injectors ate aligned. Then, just install the mounting bolts and tighten up everything as it was. Lastly, reconnect the electrical connector to the fuel injector.

To make sure that everything is working fine, you need to start the vehicle to see if there are any leaks in the fuel rail.

In order to replace the fuel injectors, you need to make sure that you use gloves and some glasses to protect your eyes. It’s better to be safe than sorry.

Despite the process is not very complicated, if you have no experience doing this, it might be a good idea to take your vehicle to an auto repair shop. You can also try to see how they do it and, the next time, you do it at home by yourself.

Replacing injector fuels isn’t something that occurs very often and it’s usually related to the fact that you didn’t do anything to prevent the fuel injectors from being dirty or clogged. So, one of the best things you can do to prevent this from happening again is to use fuel injector cleaners.

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