4 Signs That You Need A Diesel Injector Service

4 Signs That You Need A Diesel Injector Service
26 Dec

With the diesel engines evolution, the fuel injector changed its place. It is now located in the combustion chamber, which makes it much more precise and reliable when it is dispensing the fuel. However, not all things are good. When the injector system is no longer so precise, you’ll notice some problems that may include fuel problems, electrical problems, or restrictions.

So, how can you tell if you really need a diesel injector service or not? Some people are only trying to make you pay for something that you don’t need. So, in order to prevent being ripped off and making sure that you actually get a diesel injector service when you need, here are 4 signs that will show you that you need the service:

#1: Problems With The Turbo:

When your car has a turbocharged engine, having dirty injectors may be a serious problem. The injectors won’t be able to keep up with the engine and they may result in turbo failure or higher exhaust temperatures. When you notice this, you definitely need a diesel injector service.

#2: Heat Soak Problems:

Another sign that can shoe you that you need a diesel injector service is when the injectors start to heat soak. This happens when you’re driving your car on a hard way for a while and then you go home and shut it off. However, the engine will go even hotter. This happens because since the engine is already off, there is no more coolant circulating or any air going through the engine compartment which would allow the engine to cool. In case you decide to go out again, you’ll notice that the engine temperature is even higher than when you first turn it off.

Over time, this will clog the injectors. And it can even happen if your car has a low mileage and especially if you take short drives.

#3: Failing The Balance Tests:

In case you need to be sure that one injector is clogged, nothing better than performing an injector balance test to discover which one is having this problem. One of the most effective methods to determine is by looking at the O2 sensor and check the voltage changes.

Another test you can make is to measure how much pressure is lost in the fuel rail when each one of the injectors is fired in a specific set period of time. If everything is working fine, you should see about the same amount dropped from each injector when tested individually. However, when you notice a variation between 1.5 to 2 psi, you do have a problem and you need a diesel injector service.

#4: Your Car Doesn’t Start:

When you have the tank full and your car doesn’t start, stalls, has a hard starting, a poor fuel economy, or you notice a loss of power, you may have a problem. Usually, fuel contamination problems appear right after you refuel. This is why you need to have the tank full and notice these problems.

These are just 4 signs that you might notice in your engine that tell you that you need a diesel injector service. Despite there are others, these are the more common ones. In order to help you prevent all these problems, you should consider getting a good diesel fuel additive. So, make sure to read the best diesel fuel additive reviews before you buy any additive.

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