Complete Guide On How To Clean Diesel Injectors

Complete Guide On How To Clean Diesel Injectors
26 Dec

Many people keep hearing that cleaning diesel injectors is something they should do. However, most of the times, they don’t understand why it is so important.

Diesel injectors are an important part of your engine. When they are dirty or clogged, they can start causing you a bunch of problems. These include losing performance, poor emissions, an increase of the fuel consumption, and care breakdowns. The goal of the injector system is to spray the fuel in a pre-determined pattern. And when the injectors are dirty or clogged, the fuel won’t flow as it should and you’ll notice the above-mentioned problems.

So, how to clean diesel injectors?

There are two different ways on how to clean diesel injectors: you can either remove them from the car in order to clean them, or you may choose the cleaning diesel injectors while they are still in the engine. While the first method takes more time and is a lot more complex, the second method is easier and it’s usually enough. There’s still another way on how to clean diesel injectors. All you need to do is, while the engine is running, you just run a cleaner through the injectors. Depending on the cleaner that you use, this may also be a great option as well as it’s very easy to do.

So, which way should you choose when you’re looking to learn on how to clean diesel injectors? Most people have their preferred way. So, let’s just take what most people prefer that is to clean the injectors without removing them from the engine.

Here are all the steps you need to take on how to clean diesel injectors this way:

Step #1:

Turn the engine off and open the hood to search for the fuel injectors. If this is the first time you do this or if you don’t understand much about engines, you may want to check your engine repair manual or a reference guide that can help you locate the injectors.

Step #2:

Now, you’ll need to clean the injectors. In order to do it, you’ll need a pressurized equipment that will allow you to spray solvent into the injectors, while the engine is running. All you need to do is to hook up the pressurized equipment with the injectors. However, before spraying the solvent, you need to either disable the fuel pump and plug the fuel line or simply install a U-tube. A U-tube is simply something that allows the fuel to get back to the tank. In case you decide to disable the fuel pump instead, you need to be aware that you car computer may display a warning. In case it does, you may need to reset the code once you’re done. 

Step #3:

When you have the fuel pump disabled and the pressurized equipment hooked up with the injectors, you can start the vehicle. When the solvent finishes running through the fuel injectors, you can shut off the engine.

Step #4:

Now, it’s time to reconnect the fuel pump and fuel lines. After that, you should restart the engine.

And this is how you can clean your injectors without removing them from the engine. In case you don’t notice any difference when you restart the engine, you may opt for repeating the process again or to do the manual cleaning, by removing the injectors from your car. Make sure that you choose only the top diesel fuel additives.

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